Avia Industries, Inc.
Residential / Commercial Painting & Drywall

Avia Industries, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Ehud Iamburg. Mr. Iamburg acquired extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of the painting and construction industries in both supervisory and management positions. Drawing on years of expertise, Ehud created and developed Avia Industries to become one of the leading residential tract home painting & drywall companies that it is today. To their customers, the name Avia Industries, Inc. is synonymous with quality and service.

Avia Industries Interior Office

Avia Industries, Inc. is conveniently located in Canoga Park in the Los Angeles area and specializes in interior and exterior projects for both residential custom homes and commercial painting & drywall. Avia Industries, Inc. services Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Antelope Valley, Kern County and Orange Counties; has all necessary insurance and is competitively priced.

Our current focus is on tract homes and custom homes, working with builders and developers who now constitute the bulk of its customer base. Avia Industries, Inc. has gained the trust and confidence of large home developers by consistently providing a high standard of quality, timeliness of work and great customer service. The company's goal, now and into the future, is to complete all projects to the utmost satisfaction, while paying the strictest attention to detail and consistently providing the services our customers have grown to expect.

To accomplish this, Avia Industries, Inc. currently has 200 employees on the payroll, including over 20 foremen and 4 supervisors, each with many years of experience with Avia Industries, Inc. As a company who has seen steady growth since inception, we constantly continue to meet our own personal goals as we move towards progress.

Avia Industries Drywall Division

In 2008, Avia Industries, Inc. established a new drywall division that caters to the needs of Southern California and our existing client base.

Avia Industries Drywall Team
Avia Industries Workers Installing Drywall
Avia Industries Worker

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