It's our responsibility to help build a better community

Avia Industries Interior - Lobby

Above: Local soccer teams that Avia has sponsored throughout the years

Through its partnership with HomeAid, the charitable arm of the Building Industry Association, Avia Industries has been involved for many years in various charitable programs and projects that help build a better community:

  1. Boys Cottage and Rich Snyder Cottage at Hillview Acres Children's Home (IE).
    This is a residential treatment center for abused and homeless children.

  2. Pregnant Teens Home at Hillview Acres (Inland Empire)
    This houses young, pregnant women who suffer similar injuries as the other kids at the Hillview Acres Children's Home.

  3. HomeAid LA/Ventura Project Playhouse 2006
    Avia Industries, working together with other premier homebuilders, helped design and construct well crafted and whimsical playhouses. These playhouses are auctioned off and the proceeds serve as fundraisers to help construct and renovate shelters for homeless individuals and families.

  4. Tender Life Maternity Home - HomeAid LA/Ventura Traditional Housing Project
    This is devoted to serving abandoned pregnant women 18 and over and their children. This residential facility provides food, shelter, and personal growth opportunities in a caring environment where the mother and her baby can rebuild their lives.

  5. Avia Industries believes that it has a social corporate responsibility - to improve the quality of life not only of its employees and their families, but also the local community and society at large. With this in mind, the company built the following:

  6. Recreational park at El Centro Escolar Caseria at Coyolito, El Salvador
    By building this recreational park in the country where a majority of its employees come from, Avia helped make a difference in its own special way through its philanthropic endeavors.

Avia Park in El Salvador
Avia Park in El Salvador
Avia Park in El Salvador

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